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Master records

Name Date Speed (30'') Double Unders (Consecutive and max. 60'') Tripple Unders (Consecutive) Speed (3') Free Style
World (Female)
Adrien Banhegyi (H)04-04-9883
Ineke Kwant (NL)15-02-9754
Jenny Hodges (CAN)08-89509
Tine Vermeylen (B)08-05-9983
Adrien Banhegyi (H)04-04-98405
Liv Murmark (S)31-03-96430
Karen Dierckx (B)31-03-96430
World (Male)
Stijn Bevernage (B)08-05-9980
Martin Loenen (NL)15-02-97111
Bill Chong (CAN)06-91555
Simon Mahy (B)08-05-99129
Mathias De Jans (B)04-04-98381
Jan de Neve (B)31-03-96495

* The Speed records are counted by the right foot only!!
* The canadian Speed record is for 60 seconds.
* The canadian Double Under record is consecutive without a time limit.

Name Date Speed (30'') Double Unders (Consecutive and max. 60'') Tripple Unders (Consecutive) Speed (3') Free Style
Adrien Banhegyi (H)04-04-9883
Ineke Kwant (NL)15-02-9754
Tine Vermeylen (B)08-05-9983
Adrien Banhegyi (H)04-04-98405
Liv Murmark (S)31-03-96430
Karen Dierckx (B)31-03-96430
Europe (Male)
Stijn Bevernage (B)08-05-9980
Martin Loenen (NL)15-02-97111
Simon Mahy (B)08-05-99129
Mathias De Jans (B)04-04-98381
Jan de Neve (B)31-03-96495

Name Date Speed (30'') Double Unders (Consecutive and max. 60'') Tripple Unders (Consecutive) Speed (3') Free Style
The Netherlands (Female)
Yanna Wanrooy04-04-9859
Ineke Kwant15-02-9754
Karin Hoogeweg15-02-9712
Ineke Kwant09-05-99302
Yanna Wanrooy04-04-98225
The Netherlands (Male)
Martin Loenen31-10-9976
Martin Loenen15-02-97111
Martin Loenen09-05-99118
Martin Loenen31-10-99355
Martin Loenen31-10-99408.33

Unbelievable records with a rope:

Some records given in this list may seem to be impossible. However, only reliable sources have been used:
* The Guinness Book of Records: US, French, Dutch and Swedish edition.
* Mike Barwell: The Alternative Book of Records.
* Jack Pollard: The Havesome Book of Nutty Records.
* Ladislav Kochanek: Co clovek dokaze.
These records were provided by Ralf Laue, who is the headmaster of the homepage about unusual world records


endurance record:
Frank P. Oliveri (USA) 26/27 May 1989 in Ohio 31:46:48 hrs. (rest breaks are allowed, see and for the detailed rest break rules.)

fast skipping records:
10 sec: 128 Albert Rayner (Great Britain) 19 Nov 1982 in Birmingham.
(Some additional information)
1 minute: 425 Robert Commers (USA) 23 Feb 1990 in Jamestown (USA)

1 minute (double turns):
111 Martin Loenen (Netherlands) 15 Feb 1997
female record: 54 Ineke Kwant (Netherlands) 15 Feb 1997

1 hr: 16107 Michel Giroud (France) 7 Apr 1989
2 hrs: 23344 Dr. Jan Skorkovsky (Czechoslovakia) 1986 in Prague
3 hrs: 33956 Dr. Jan Skorkovsky (Czechoslovakia) 1986 in Prague

multiple skips, no time limit (without a break and with no faults):
quintuple turns: 6 Hideyuki Tateda (Japan) 19 Jun 1982 in Aomori, Japan

quadruple turns: 51 Katsumi Suzuki (Japan) 29 May 1975 in Saitama, Japan

treble turns: 423 Shozo Hamada (Japan) 1 Jun 1987 in Saitama, Japan
female record: 67 Jana Berberich (Germany) 31 Mar 96

double turns: 10709 Frank Oliveri (USA) 7 May 1988 in Rochester, USA

double turns (backwards): 99 Jaclyn Duchesne (Canada) July 1990

double turns (with cross): 2411 Ken Solis (USA) 22 Mar 1988 in Glendale

Greatest distance: In 1963, Tom Morris (Australia), at the age of 71 (!) skipped 1264 miles from Brisbaine to Cairns. He has done a lot of skipping marathons until his death in 1973. In his life he covered 3500 miles in skipping marathons and averaged about 9 mph.

fastest 10 miles:
Vadivelu Karunakaren (India): 58 minutes, 1 Feb 1990 in Madras (India)

Runing a marathon while rope skipping:
Carlos Argueta (Guatemala): 5:19:14 hours, 5 March 1995 at the Los Angeles Marathon (USA)

Pair records (with one rope used by both skippers at the same time):
1 minute: 161 (Martina Hasov &aacut; / Mojm &iacut;r Barton, Czech. 1986 in Trnava)
5 minutes: 861 (Irena Novotn &aacut; / Mojm ír Barton, Czech. 1985 in Pilsen)

most on a rope (minimum 12 turns obligatory):
260, by students of the Yorkton Regional High School, Yorkton, Canada on 28 May 1992

most in a 65 ft long rope with maximum 1 minute timelimite AND only two skippers entering the rope each turn:
- during broadcasting: 44 persons --> friends and members of gymnasticsclub 'Ommen'
The record was set during recording the 'Postcode Loterij Record-show' on RTL 4 in April 1996.
- during practise: 56 persons --> students of Het Gooisch Lyceum Bussum

most turns on a single rope by a team of 90:
196, by students from the Ino Elementary School in Toyama (Japan), 21 Aug 1994

The greatest-ever number of rope skippers numbered:
120115 persons (most of them school boys and school girls) who skipped at the same time (but in many cities!) from 13.00 to 13.05 on 24 May 1991 in Sweden to celebrate the "Hoppets Dag" (=Skipping Day)

Most consecutive skips on a tightrope:
1250 by Walter Arturo Guerrero (Columbia) on 22 June 1995 in Utrecht.
(You can read the details in the Dutch edition of the Guinness Book of Records: "Guinness Record Boek 1996" (published 1995), page 153)