Yes...... I'm here!!!!!


It's no longer Hidde(n)!!!!

'Hello!! Here I am. What day is it?'
It's July the 17th 1996

'What will be my name from today?'
We will call you Manon

'How much do I weigh?'
You are 3010 grams and 48 centimeters

'Do we get visitors?'
If people want to come by, they have to
contact Mieke (6952651)

'Ok. I would like to have some food now;
and then I will go and sleep!!'

Anke & Eric Herber,
J.P. Thijssepark 121,
1411 XL Naarden (035)
Tel.: 6949268
Fax: 6940497

Today (= Juli, 17th 1996) I already left mummy to say HI to daddy. And you know: they are really funny. Daddy already took some pictures of me. Right now he is develloping and printing them. After that he will scan them. Cool!!!!!!

Drop by now and then just to see if it's done already. This is me...

Bye bye,


ps You can also E-mail me!!!!!

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Manon July 2003