Well..... Getting older is a fact. It's just a matter of time!

Perhaps, someday in the near future, these pages will get their permanent appearence.

Anke at the wadThere are some things I have already to put in an order:
Sorry single girls, but I am a happy married guy. Or should I say: I am happy to be married?! My wife is called Anke and the 17th of July 1996 our first child 'Manon' was born. Her birth was both a small and great miracle. The first couple of weeks there was no fun with her, but she is getting my interest more and more.
And it was so nice that we tried for a second child......... YES!!!!! Januari 24 1998 'Eline' was born!!!! And number three was born on March 12 2000 and listens to her name 'Puck'! And now we stop!!!
Here you can find more information about my (grand)parents (Sorry..... Dutch only).

As of April 1 this year I've strated with two others a new company: 'Marjot MultiSoft (MMS)'. We make all kind of CD-roms and digital solutions for various organizations and companies. Our main products however can be found in the area of 'Digital Physical Education'. More information about our products can be found at our own page or at www.Sports-on-CD.com.

And last, but not least.... my hobbies:

With no doubt my number 1 is SPORT.

A very importent sport is Gymnastics. I am active with G.T.V. Keizer Otto. Sometimes I am active myself. Specially with 'Jumping-competitions'. But mostely I train the Boys, Jump-groups and Rope Skippers. This brings me to my next occupation. Together with three others, I am active under the 'umbrella' of the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union. The four of us form the ProductGroup Rope Skipping . Furthermore I'm active as a Board-member in the ERSO (= European Rope Skipping Association) and FISAC (= Federation International de Saut a la Corde), which is the World Rope Skipping Association.
In 1998 I was contacted by the International danstheater. I've been involved in making a stelth-acrobatics-number for their show 'The Gold of Xian' (Dansing along the silk-route) and on March 2 2000 'With Hands and Feet' had it's premiere; in this show a part of Rope Skipping was included.
I also like to be behind my P.C..

Well.... That's it for now (= March, 9, 2001). Visit me again sometime and see what I'm doing then. I would be more than happy if you would reply me with you suggestions, questions or comments!

T.T.F.N. Rikkie
(Ta Ta For Now)