Whoopie...... I'm here!!!!!


It's no longer Hidde(n) 2 !!!!

'Hello!! Here I am. What date is it?'
It's January 24 1998

'What will be my name from today?'
We will call you Eline

'How much do I weigh?'
You are 3280 grams and 49 centimeters

'Do we get visitors?'
If people want to come by, they have to
contact Mieke (69 52 651)

'Ok. But before I go to sleep,
I would like to have some food!!'

Anke, Manon & Eric Herber,
Brediusweg 15,
1401 AA Bussum (035)
Tel.: 69 49 268
Fax: 69 404 97
E-mail: eherber@xs4all.nl

Today (= January 24 1998) I already left mummy to say HI to daddy and my big sister. And you know: they are quit nice. Daddy already took some pictures of me. Cool!!!!!!

January 25 1998
The pictures show you:

1) Just born (10:10).

2) Well.... This is me!!!

3) My big sister is coming to look at me.

2) 3) 4)

Drop by now and then just to see if it's done already.

Bye bye,


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Eline July 2003